Jul 22, 2013
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Unhealth Fact #6: Video Games are Exercise

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The score is 2 to 2. Next capture wins. The enemy flag is in your hands while you sneak through the trees on the edge of the playable zone. Bullets fly by your head, barely missing you. You’ve been spotted. A cold bead of sweat slides down your forehead. A quick glance at your motion detector show that your opponents are closing in. Your heart begins to race as you make evasive maneuvers and dive behind cover.

This is the most intense game of capture the flag you have ever played and you played it while sitting on the couch.

Since your heart was beating to fast you thought it was going to explode, and calories burned per minute can be related to heart rate, this game counts as exercise right?

Seems legit. No need to go to the gym.

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