Dec 4, 2013
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Gift Ideas For the Sedentary

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This Holiday season give the gift of convenience. Below are some gift ideas for promoting sedentary lifestyles and moving as little as possible.

Robotic Vacuum robotic-vacuum


Someday robots will do everything for us. For now, we’ll have to settle for robotic vacuum cleaners. There are a lot of these out on the market. Click here for the ratings and prices of the top 10. Just pray that they don’t become self-aware and try to eat your feet.

End Table Mini-refrigerator minifridge


Never leave the couch to grab a something from the fridge ever a again with the Twin-Star Tresanti End Table with Compact Refrigerator. This gift can hold enough drinks and snacks to keep you seated all day.

gaming-chairGaming Chair


Here is one for the video game enthusiast is your family. He or she will never leave the action with the BoomChair Pulse Gaming Chair. The built in speakers give an immersive experience that cannot be matched.


Motorized Ice Cream Cone



This invention is for the extremely lazy and we love it. The motorized ice cream cone is a perfect present for the ice cream lover on your list. At such a low price and compact size it is also a great stocking stuffer.

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