Dec 3, 2013
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Finishing the Holiday Season Strong

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About a month ago you stuffed your face with candy for Halloween. Last week you experienced buttery food at its finest for Thanksgiving. The Turkey Day leftovers should be finished soon if not already. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are right around the corner; now is the time to start the second half strong.

In the next 3 weeks there will be plenty of opportunities to sneak in extra calories here and there.

  • Keep a jar of candy canes on your desk at work. Having empty calories available for easy consumption will make you popular around the office.
  • Winter is cold. To keep warm, drink a cup of hot chocolate every night before bed. Don’t forget to use whole milk. Add some alcohol in the mix doesn’t hurt either.
  • Another office favorite, baking festive cookies for your coworker will spread holiday cheer and help those around you with their unfit goals.
  • Use the weather as an excuse to not make it to the gym. How can you possibly get a workout in if you’re snowed in?
  • Attend as many holiday parties as possible. Ugly Christmas Sweater is my personal favorite. Many cities have Santa themed pub crawls. Buy a fake beard and join the fun!
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