Dec 20, 2013
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8 Tips for Holiday Weight Gain

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With so many websites giving advice for avoiding holiday weight gain, we’ve decided to take counteractive measures. Below are 8 tips for maximizing your weight gain as we come to the end of the holiday season.

  1. Skip Breakfast/Lunch Before Holiday Meals – By skipping a meal right before your holiday feast you guarantee that your hunger will be insatiable.
  2. Bring an Unhealthy Dish – How terrible would it be to show up to Christmas dinner only to find that your family members have all become quinoa eating health nuts? Make something fattening and bring it with you just incase they need a reminder of what real food tastes like.
  3. Display All of the Dishes at the Dinner Table – By keeping the bread rolls, ham, mashed potatoes, etc at the dinner table, nobody has to leave their seat to get seconds. The food should be as accessible as possible.
  4. Eat Quickly – Don’t even finish chewing one bite before shoving another one into your mouth. Do not give your stomach time to tell your brain that you are full. Ever.
  5. Use Giant Plates – Pack on as much food as you can every serving.
  6. Give in to Peer Pressure – There is nothing that makes my grandmother happier than seeing me stuff my face with food that she has cooked. We all have family members who encourage us to always eat more. Don’t spurn their affection by denying them.
  7. Keep the TV On – When I was a kid we watched A Christmas Story on repeat all day on Christmas. By keeping the TV on you give yourself the opportunity to do some distracted eating. It’s much easier to overeat when you have no clue how much are have eaten because you are watching TV.
  8. Get Drunk – Alcohol is a wonderful thing. By getting drunk at dinner you will lower your inhibitions and eat more than you should. Additionally, alcohol contains a ton of calories.
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