Dec 30, 2013
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The Secret to a Successful New Year’s Resolution

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The problem the New Year’s Resolutions is the same problem that exists with any goal. They are too vague and have no action plan associated with them. Even with the best intentions in the world, you will fail in your effort without being specific and breaking down your resolution into smaller goals.

Being Specific

The first step to setting an achievable New Year’s Resolution is being specific. Let’s say your resolution for 2014 is to gain weight. How much weight? What type of weight? By when? For example, “I resolve to gain 50 pounds of fat by December 31, 2014.” By being specific you have given yourself a concrete finishing point. It is something to work toward. You have a reference point to measure your progress against.

Breaking it Down

Once you have a specific goal in mind, it is important to break the goal down into smaller goals. Obesity is a lifestyle. There are fattening habits that you will need to develop and healthy habits that you will need to drop. Gaining 50 pounds in a year is roughly 1 pound per week which is completely doable. Below are some examples of mini-goals that will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

  • I will cancel my gym membership and replace my normal 5 days per week of exercise with 5 hours of TV.
  • I will stop bringing a healthy lunch to work each day and instead eat fast food.
  • I will count my calories to ensure that I am at a surplus of 500 calories each day.
  • I will stop drinking water during the day and instead drink soda.
  • I will go to happy hour with coworkers 3 times per week and drink at least 3 beers each time.

Stay On Track

It is important to track your progress so you always know how far you have come and how far you have to go. If half of your timeframe has passed but you have not reached half of your weight gain goal that means you need to take a step back and evaluate yourself. Are you doing everything you can to achieve your goal? Have you been ordering dessert at restaurants? Do you park as close as possible to your destination?


When you are on the path to reaching your goal, it is important to surround yourself with people who support you. Find those are have the same resolution or who have already achieved what you are striving for. Hangout in all you can eat buffets. Frequent your local pub. Don’t let skinny people ridicule you. They are just jealous of the awesome life that you are living.

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