Jul 27, 2013
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Bacon Lovers: Meat Your King, Bacon Explosion

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Such pure genius.

The Bacon Explosion is a dish that combines three of the most amazing food groups into one: Bacon, Sausage and BBQ Sauce. With summer in full swing, this is the perfect item to impress your friends at your next BBQ. According to Wikipedia, the original Bacon Explosion was created by Jason Day and Aaron Chronister. The recipe calls for 2lbs of thick cut bacon, 2lbs of italian sausage, 1 jar of BBQ sauce, and 1 jar of BBQ rub/seasoning.

-First weave the bacon together and season it.

-Layer the sausage on top with crumbled bacon, seasoning, and BBQ sauce.

-Roll it and add more seasoning and sauce.

-Finally, barbecue for one hour per thickness, and baste BBQ sauce on it while it cooks.

This delicious masterpiece is over 5,000 calories.



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