Sep 11, 2013
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Unhealth Fact #15: Eat While Distracted

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According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you can consume up to 50% more calories by eating while distracted. Eating while distracted means eating while watching TV, playing video games, surfing the interwebz, texting, etc. Basically anything that distracts you from how much you have actually eaten. Here is an example of what you should do while eating throughout a normal day:

  • Pour yourself a giant bowl of sugary cereal with whole milk and eat your breakfast while watching the morning news/ESPN.
  • Go out to eat at lunch and order the biggest plate on the menu. Answer emails on your phone/surf Facebook the whole time during your meal.
  • Keep a family size bag of chips on your desk at work so you can nibble all day while working.
  • When you get home, order a large pizza and eat it while watching your favorite TV shows. Keep the pizza box on your coffee table so you don’t have to get up to grab another slice. Having a six pack of your beer handy is helpful as well.
  • Take a box of cookies to bed with you so you can eat dessert while surfing the internet before you go to sleep.
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