Aug 16, 2013
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The Greatest Invention of All Time

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I try to post about bacon as often as possible because, well, bacon is awesome. While doing a google image search for “bacon” I noticed something unusual:



I thought to myself, “Could this be?” And now I know for sure, I really have stumbled upon the greatest invention of all time.

J & D’s Foods, a company that specializes in novelty food products has created this phenomenal form of protection. These condoms not only “Make your meat look like meat”, they are coated with a lubricant that mimics the taste and smell of bacon! Yes, you read that correctly, they created a lubricant that smells and tastes like bacon.

The only drawback I can see with this product is that sex burns a lot of calories which could derail your unfit goals. If you and your partner love bacon as much as I do, use this product with caution.

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