Aug 7, 2013
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Crunching Numbers: In-N-Out Animal Style Fries

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As if In-N-Out’s french fries weren’t good enough already, there is an upgraded version that will make you salivate on sight. I don’t understand why one must refer to In-N-Out’s secret menu to find this amazing item. It should come standard with every order. This incredibly delicious french fry mouthgasm is of course, the Animal Style Fries.

To make an order Animal Style, In-N-Out adds 2 slices of melted cheese, grilled onions, and whole lot of their famous Spread (which is essentially mayo, ketchup, and pickle relish) to the top of their fries.

By devouring this item you ingest 670 calories, 54g of fat (17g saturated), and 1105mg of sodium. But nobody goes to a burger joint and orders just fries. Order it with a Double Double, and a chocolate milkshake to bring your meal total to epic fatassery.

  • Calories: 1930
  • Fat: 124g (54g Saturated)
  • Cholesterol: 185mg
  • Sodium: 2865mg

It’s too bad that In-N-Out doesn’t proudly display this on their menu.

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