Sep 29, 2013
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Football Sunday: Sports Bars

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Sports bars are wonderful places to sit on your ass all day and do nothing but eat and drink while you watch football with your fat friends. If you live on the West coast like us, the first games start at 10am. Because of this, many sports bars out here open early and serve breakfast.

Start your morning off with some waffles soaked in syrup and bottomless mimosas. You should be able to down about 5 or 6 mimosas before the deal ends depending on how cool your server is. From there move on to pitchers of beer; any sports bar that is not retarded will have something special.

By the end of the early games all the beer drinking should be making you hungry. A BBQ bacon burger with some fries should do the trick. At this point you should be pretty drunk. Awesome. The afternoon games have started and you have 5 player on your fantasy football team all racking up points for you. This calls for celebration. Jaeger Bombs!

Sunday Night Football is finally here. Needless to say, its time to eat again. What would a day of watching football be without some buffalo wings?

  • 2 waffles 800 calories
  • 5 mimosas 750 calories
  • 10 beers 1200 calories
  • 1 BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger 650 calores
  • 1 order of fries 400 calores
  • 1 order of buffalo wings 500 calories

Total: 4300 calores

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